CIS 2279 - Perl Programming: Fall 2016

Instructor: Mark Tucker
Office: LAC 213 (IT Office)
Phone: ext. 6328
Office Hours: By appointment


Goals of the course: By the end of this course you will:

  1. have an increased understanding of the Perl programming language
  2. be able to write your own scripts to manipulate data
  3. know how to use the help facilities to get additional information on the syntax and functions available in Perl.
  4. know some basic programming practices to improve code maintenance.

Required text: None, however, here is a list of recommended reference materials:

  1. Learning Perl by Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Phoenix, ISBN: 0596001320
  2. Programming Perl by Larry Wall, et al, ISBN: 0596000278
  3. Picking Up Perl, Edition 0.12, by Bradley M. Kuhn.
  4. more...


Grading Breakdown: Homework - 100%


Grades for the homework assignments will be based on the following scale:

90-100% A

80-89% B

70-79% C

60-69% D

50-59% F

Makeup and late homework assignments: There will be no makeup homework assignments. If you have a legitimate reason for missing class and are unable to turn in a homework assignment, the other assignments will be weighted more towards your final grade. All homework assignments MUST be turned in on time, no credit will be given to late assignments.

Academic Honesty: As per Lyndon State College Catalog.

Attendance and Classroom Conduct: It is your responsibility to attend class. If you need to miss class for some legitimate reason, please let me know of your upcoming absence and you will be excused from the lecture. If I have documented that you have missed more than 4 lectures (unexcused), you will fail the course. Any unruly classroom conduct is not acceptable. This includes excessive noise, disrespectful language or inappropriate physical activity. If such behavior becomes apparent, you will be asked to leave the classroom and will receive an F for the course.

Students with Disabilities: Research shows that we all learn differently and in this course, I do my best to accommodate a range of learning styles.  In addition, students with disabilities may request specific accommodations. To find out more information about the process or to arrange for accommodations, students should contact Mary Etter, Learning Specialist, in the Academic Support Center (LAC 325 - ext. 6210). I recommend you make this contact early in the semester so that accommodations can be put into place in a timely manner.

CIS 2279 - Perl Programming course material and class schedule

25 Aug 2016

Lecture #01 - The Basics.

1 Sep 2016

Lecture #02 - Arrays.

8 Sep 2016

Lecture #03 - Program arguments and conditionals.

15 Sep 2016

Lecture #04 - Reading and writing to files.

22 Sep 2016

Lecture #05 - More loops and some math in perl.

29 Sep 2016

Lecture #06 - Subroutines.

3 Oct - 7 Oct - No class.

13 Oct 2016

Lecture #07 - Hashes (associative arrays).

20 Oct 2016

Lecture #08 - String manipulation.

27 Oct 2016

Lecture #10 - File and Directory Manipulation

3 Nov 2016

Lecture #10 - Time and Perl Modules

10 Nov 2016

Lecture #11 - System Commands

17 Nov 2016

Lecture #12 - Network Modules

21 Nov - 25 nov - No class.

1 Dec 2016

Lecture #13 - More Regular Expressions.

8 Dec 2016 (Final)

Lecture #14 - Programming Techniques and Review

Final exam period

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