Notes: Unix Lab 10

  1. sftp - secure file transfer program
  2. scp - secure copy
  3. wget

  1. sftp - secure file transfer protocol

    sftp is a program that allows the transfer of files between two unix hosts. It is generally used interactively, although its functions may be scripted with a shell script. All data transfer through sftp is secure; this includes the login information, so that data compromis is more difficult that without the secure functionality.

    [loriotg@gollum ~] sftp apollo
    Connecting to apollo...
    sftp> quit
    [loriotg@gollum ~] 
    Above, the sftp session is initiated with the sftp apollo command. The one argument (apollo) is the hostname of the computer to which you want to attach and transfer data to/from. In the example above, user loriotg on host gollum attached securely to host apollo. If the remote host does not recognize the user loriotg the host will request a password. In the case of LSC ATM students, all remote Linux machines will recognize the user. The user is then left with the sftp command prompt where subsequent actions such as retrieving files may be done. sftp may be terminated by entering the command "quit".

    interactive commands: