CIS 2101 Homework Assignment #10


NOTE: To copy and paste in the Unix environment the following may be used:
  1. Use sftp to retrieve the file the file /software/pgi/license.atm.old from the host kangaroo. Show the commands you used to retrieve the file while connected to the remote host. (2pts)

  2. Show the last four lines of the license.atm.old file you retrieved in the previous problem. (1pt)

  3. What command would you use after you sftp, if you wanted to change to the directory where you just placed a file on your local file system using sftp? (1pt)

  4. What is the file type of the following file: /mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/virga.exe(1pt)

  5. Show the scp command you would use to retreive a copy of the file /software/pgi/license.atm from the host kangaroo to your CLASSES directory in /mnt/homes/CLASSES/CIS2101/<username> (in one command). (2pt)

  6. Use wget to retrieve a copy of the file What is the name of the file you copied and show the first two lines of this file below: (2pts)

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