1. What is the difference in size between CCN, cloud droplets, and raindrops?
  2. What is meant by "subsaturated", "saturated", and "supersaturated"?
  3. What are the two dominant growth mechanisms for droplets in warm clouds?
  4. Why do solution drops drops form at lower relative humidities and pure water drops?
  5. What is a particles terminal velocity?
  6. What factors affect the terminal velocity?
  7. How can one compute a particles ground-relative velocity?
  8. How are cold and warm clouds defined?
  9. What are the dominant ice-crystal processes and how do they work?
  10. Why will ice particles grow more readily than super-cooled drops in the mixed-phase region of a cold cloud?
  11. At what temperature in the cloud will ice particles grow more quickly than super-cooled droplets?
  12. What is cloud seeding?
  13. What are the different types of precipitation?
  14. What are the common ice-crystal habits?
  15. How are the different types of precipitation related to the vertical profile of temperature?
  16. How is precipitation measured?

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