Polar Front Theory - Development and Evolution of a Wave Cyclone, Cont.

(c)- A fully-developed "wave cyclone" is seen 12-24 hours from its inception. It consists of:

  • a warm front moving to the northeast
  • a cold front moving to the southeast
  • region between warm and cold fronts is the "warm sector"
  • the central low pressure (low, which is deepening with time)
  • overrunning of warm air over the warm front
  • cold air surging southward behind the cold front
  • wide-spread precip ahead of the warm front
  • narrow band of precip along the cold front
  • Wind speeds continue to get stronger as the low deepens - the Available Potential Energy (APE)is being converted to Kinetic Energy (KE)
  • The production of clouds and precip also generates energy for the storm as Latent Heat is released
image adopted from Understanding Weather and Climate by Aguado and Burt, 1999 by Prentice-Hall, Inc